Ken Calvert

Wrong for Congress. Wrong for California.


"Most Corrupt Members of Congress"


Watchdogs have ranked Calvert as one of the "Most corrupt members of Congress." Calvert was part of an illegal real estate deal and secretly purchased public land. He also diverted our tax dollars to public projects that would increase his own property values.

Taking Away Our Rights


The Republican controlled Supreme Court just overturned Roe v. Wadebut Calvert and Republicans won't stop there. Calvert supports banning abortion, even in cases of rape of incest, and putting women in prison for abortion. If they retake Congress, Republican leaders have called for taking away our right to contraceptives, our right to healthcare, and our right to marry who we love.

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Wrong for Families


Calvert says he supports "family values, but his record says otherwise. Calvert lied to police when he was caught with a prostitute and tried to flee the scene. Calvert voted against the violence against women act, rape prevention programs, and holding domestic abusers accountable.

Californians deserve better.
On November 8, say no to Ken Calvert.